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New Zealand Information


This small, compact group of three elongated islands, stretching 1500km down the southern latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, is home to just over 4 million people. An opportunity to enjoy and participate in the day to day running of a 700 acre working farm, close contact and hand feeding of a variety of farm animals is included on the tour. All while viewing the scenery and experiencing what is truly a unique New Zealand experience.

Is there much to do at night in Methven?
Methven has an excellent night life and a range of quality restaurants, bars and cafes. If you feel like something quieter, the lodge has a great selection of free books, DVD's, CD's and games available for guests.


This will be my first ski trip so what should I wear on the slopes?
For a comfortable, warm and dry day on the ski slopes we recommend you wear waterproof pants and a jacket, a warm hat and waterproof gloves. It is better to wear lots of layers rather than just one big bulky layer, so that if you get hot during the day (all that ski-ing is hard work!) you can just strip a layer off.


What is the Export Gold Methven Big Air event I've heard about?
The Export Gold Methven Big Air & Jim Bean Freestyle MotoX is one of the hottest events in Methven each August! This amazing spectacle is a night event that takes place in the heart of the township Mt Hutt village, Methven with huge air off a 16-metre ramp with awesome tricks by top skiers and snowboarders from around the country. Loads of live music, fireworks and entertainment for everyone!

What is the climate in Methven?
The average max air temperature is 21-deg °C in summer and 10-deg °C during winter. The average min air temperature during summer is 9-deg °C and a brisk 1 deg °C in the Winter season.